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Crypto Games AG is a Switzerland-based game development company that aims to revolutionize the world of board games by combining them with blockchain technology. Our flagship game, Crypto Gammon, combines the classic board game of backgammon with the benefits of blockchain, such as enhanced security and decentralized gameplay.

With over 100 million people playing backgammon worldwide, and over 5 million downloads of the most popular backgammon app on Google Play, we saw an opportunity to offer a new and exciting gaming experience to the millions of fans of this timeless game. By leveraging the power of blockchain, we have created a fast-paced and rewarding game where players can compete while also earning cryptocurrency rewards and using unique NFTs Boards, Checkers, Shaker, Dice, Avatars, and Emojis.

At Crypto Games AG, we are committed to creating innovative games that offer a fresh and engaging experience to players around the world. Our games are designed with NFTs Boards, Checkers, Shaker, Dice, Avatars, and Emojis, providing infinite possibilities for customization and creativity. Join us on our mission to bring the timeless fun of board games into the digital age, with the added benefits of blockchain technology.

Crypto Gammon


We merge Art and Company branding together with backgammon game.

We make Art and Companies immortal with NFT on our backgammon boards on Concordium blockchain.


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